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Audition and Script Analysis Workshop

Guest Speakers

 John Strickland (BBC Director)  

Tim Hardy (RADA Admissions Panel)


NEXT WORKSHOP: November 2015

What do these auditions have in common? Why did all these actors get their roles?

It's neither luck nor simply is preparedness meeting opportunity.

It's the one thing most actors dread  - The Audition. However, with the right mind set and the right technique, this can all change.


Through this 9 hour work shop (45 min lunch break) I will take you through crucial auditioning techniques, for both camera and stage, to help you develop the necessary skills to take on a script within 24 hrs and deliver truthful, connected, specific and unihibited performances which will give you the best chance of landing the roles you want.



Acting workshop method acting
Acting workshop method acting

We will cover the following areas:


Auditon Etiquette


Audition Mentality and what to come with.


How to break down the script and use all the information therein to inform your choices.




Beats or no Beats? (Actions)


The 8 vital elements to bringing truth, connection and drive.


Camera Techniques and considerations.


How to prepare quickly for an audition.


And more....

Workshop price and dates
£60 for the 9hrs
Next dates: August 30th , Sunday 10am-7pm















Acting workshop method acting
Workshop Outline


We will work from 2 scripts both with male and female characters. 


The first script will be sent 2 days before with full background and character breakdown to allow you to prepare as you usually would.


After a brief introduction, you will then enter an audition scenario with each person auditioning for camera first, followed by feedback as a class, and then auditioning for stage; again followed by feedback.


From here we will go through the techniques and steps you must employ to feel confident, make a poitive impact and allow you to  deliver the best audition possible.


We finish with a preperation talk (explained below) for PART 2.





Here you must apply what you have learnt in PART ONE but under a time constraint.

You will have the break plus 30 mins to prepare. Here, different rules apply as  what you can do and preapre for will be limited so we will look at what elements from part one you will need to focus on.


Once you have auditioned for both Camera and stage we will have feedback and a total review of the techniques, tips and points we have covered.


If Interested, please use Contact Form Link Below.


Places are limited. however there will be future workshops so please do email me your details to be sure of a place in the future. Thanks. 

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