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In Person Classes:

We have just opened our new In Person classes in Brighton at the Lantern Theatre. we are looking forward to building an exciting new class. Please read below for more information.

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Morgan James, NY

“ I’ve been working with Caroline, The Actors Craft for most of the last five years and I can honestly say that I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for her generosity, her kindness, her genius. Her compassion, her keen eye for detail and her ability to really bring out the best in all of her students. I just think she's remarkable. I think I've grown so much as a performer with her. She really helped my hand through the filming of Cleopatra through the casting process leading up to when I got the job, and then through the filming and beyond, and she's just magnificent and the school is magnificent.

I have had a lot of interaction with Seb as well who teaches Meisner there and even though I don't train in Meisner, I trust and believe in his work, so so so absolutely. He's an incredible director and a phenomenal teacher and I endorse everything that they do at The Actors Craft and I just feel so blessed to have had the time to work with them and to still be a student of theirs. ” -says current student Adele James ("Casualty", "The Importance of Being Earnest", "Queen Cleopatra").

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Are you Ready?

To Unleash Your Best?

We are starting with bi-weekly classes and hope soon to increase this to every week and further. Start date is April 6th.

The aim of the course is still, over time,  to take the student through the techniques in their entirety. 









We will be taking you through our entire course structure as laid out below.


All we ask for is passion and commitment to the classes you attend. Numbers are limited and this is a tough course. You will have work partners for activities and doors and scenes, so we need to know you will not be letting them down.


You will also be expected to practice exercises outside of class as much as possible if you wish to progress in the techniques.


Progression to the higher levels is therefore dependent upon not only your technical prowess and ability but also your professionalism and dedication.​​

Class Details:

1st and 3rd Sunday and Saturday of every month

Saturday: Method Techniques

Sunday: Meisner Techniques.

530pm - 830pm

Lantern Theatre, Kemptown.

£160 for the month.


We are also running drop ins. please enquire if interested.


Acting School London

“I say to you: Make perfect your will. I say: take no thought of the harvest, But only of proper sowing.” T. S. Eliot

What the Course Aims to Achieve for the Student:

  • A robust, multifaceted technique which will develop the student as an instinctive, free, empathetic and detailed actor able to master any scene or character

  • To help you become an independent and unique artist

  • To develop a Powerful imagination

  • To learn the importance of action, not feeling

  • Script Analysis and interpretation

  • The development of the self and one’s humanity

The Courses are divided into 3 Levels. - Levels 1, 2 and 3


We believe in teaching these techniques properly and we believe in training the individual and not a group. For these reasons, there is no set period for how long each stage will last. It depends wholly on you, the student. There is a wide range of factors which define the learning process from the number of classes attended, work ethic and focus to personal blocks and confidence. 

Meisner Technique Acting

A large part of the process in Level 1 is overcoming these blocks and truly learning to have a strong work ethic and focus while also mastering the foundations of the technique.  Once you have passed each exercise within Level 1 and have shown yourself to be professional and dedicated - you will progress to Level 2.

It is something Earned; not bought. 


To learn a craft is no easy thing - it cannot be done in 6 months or a year. It takes several years at least, especially part time,  of dedication and passion to master these techniques. 


This is a course for the actor who puts their craft first.


There is so much joy to be found in the journey and that can be forgotten all to often in the rush to get out there; when under the pressures of the modern day 'Industry'.


 The need for 'success' often leads to a disconnect between 'The Actor' as an artist (a creative being with a voice and creative needs)  and 'The Actor' as a professional in the industry often sacrificing their creativity and the things that actually drew them to acting in the first place, to advance and get work. 

We believe the Actor succeeds when they are happy - when they are fulfilled creatively. This can mean many different things to different people. Part of the journey is figuring out who you are and what you really want.


Whichever path you choose, we want you to be a unique, vibrant, free and instinctive Actor with a full technique which will allow you to find your success in whatever form that takes.





Admission to class on basis of interview.


Meisner and Method: Combined

Course Structure

A Course dedicated to combining the powerful, personal and transformational sensoric work of the great Method Teachers - Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg and Uta Hagen with the imaginative, instinctive, moment to moment existence of the Meisner Technique to develop the most truthful, human actor. 


"Sebastien and Caroline’s approach to the craft has changed my life. Their passion for the art is contagious and I have found myself not only improving dramatically as an actor, but also as a human being. I count myself very lucky to have crossed paths with them and fully recommend them to anyone who truly wishes to take their acting skills to the next level," 


Jack Norman - current student


On the Meisner and Method: Combined Course  we use the strongest exercises carefully chosen from each Method Practitioner to run alongside the Meisner Technique course structure to complement and enhance the growth of the actor and offer the most varied and complete technique possible.

Level 1





Level 1

How to be present:  let the truth of the moment find you.  Responding to your instinct - the pinch and ouch. Taking the attention of of the self and on to the other.

Repetition Begins:  hearing or listening?  Finding your point of view.  Act before you think.

Repetition Expands:  Follow your instinct.  Living moment to moment.  Do nothing unless made to. Behaviour. Fight the good fight.

Activities:  The reality of doing. The point of struggle. Be specific.


Activities and Doors :  Urgency. Use what is personal, current and truthful.  Obstacles. the importance of stakes. Open yourself to receive. Justify everything. Where am i coming from? 


A/d High Stakes and Urgency: The truth of ourselves is the root of our acting. Develop and push your imagination.. Acting is Doing: Not feeling.  introduction to Relationships.  How to build up to dealing with high stakes and urgency. 


Criminal ActivityPure Reality of Doing. Highest Stakes - what could make you commit a criminal act? Dark secrets and fears.;Wants and Needs: time to explore your psyche. 


Level 1 Scene work is focused on letting go of the text; learning how to be totally free and instinctive with text and bring all the qualities we find through the Repetition Exercise to a scene.

Level 1

Finding the Actor's Blocks and Resistances


Introduction to Various Method Exercises - Sense Memory, Song and Dance,

Personalisation Exercises, Object Exercises, 4th Wall - How to be private.

Looking at Text - learning how to break it down.

Scenes and monologues to challenge the actor to overcome their individual blocks and resistances.

Inner Imagery.

Develop your imagination. 


the 'Big Idea' of the Writer.

Opening the Actor's instrument.

Combining the exercises with text work to produce truthful, impulsive performances.

Level 2

Level 2

Emotional Preparation:  How to  be truthfully emotionally full for the scene. Imagination, Daydreams, Fantasies and nightmares. Free association. Giving in and letting go. 


Emotional Preparation (2): All for the first Moment. Taking it deeper - worst and best. How to be free within the box.  Coming home to be alone. Now make it all about the task: Action not feeling.

A/D with Relationships: Applying all from level 1  AND e/p- Relationships - who am i talking to ? Exploring different bonds.

A/D with Close Relationships:  deep and personal relationships - exploring the most meaningful bonds in our lives..

Prejudices:  What have you done for me lately? Specific point of view based on current events.

impediments : true character work. you cannot live that which you do not understand. Detail, Detail. Detail. Layer by layer. Instinct and Mind meet. Physical Impediments. Mental Impediments.



Level 2 Scene Work : The magic 'As if'. Owning the text : phrase work and talking it out. Relationships. applying activities and doors to scenes.  Obstacles . Why? Taking yourself deeper into the text and the lives of the characters. Learning how to build a character.


Level 2

Building Character


Sense Memory and Opening exercises deepen and become more advanced

Emotional Triggers.


Private Moments


Character Object Exercise


Advanced Script Analysis and the master playwrights.


Transforming into the Character and the Physical Life.


How to carry out detailed Research.


Making Everything Real.


All the exercises learned in Level 1 are taken further and the student will learn how to use all the techniques to a higher level. 


Level 3

Level 3

'Spoon River' Character work: Using the world created in the Edgar Lee Master's masterpiece, The spoon River Anthology, to further explore and complete your work on character. Script analysis. Filling in the gaps. the application of all you have learned. time to test yourself.  




Full  Scene workThe Students will now take on a variety of scenes across genres and time periods exploring the obscure to the great works, perfecting your craft and practical application of technique.



Level 3

This Level is where the student will bring everything they have learned together. The opening of the sensoric and the imaginative self.


More advanced and Intense Method Exercises.

Character Private Moments.

Character Relationship Exercises.

Psychological and Physical building of the Character.


Taking on the whole Role: the students will now perform, over a period of time, various scenes from the same script learning how to build the whole life and journey of a Character.


“Sebastien Blanc's enormous sensitivity in finding an actor's weak spots, coupled with his honesty and integrity in bringing the best out of you is truly a gift for our profession.

His passion and his love for our craft is infectious, leaving you confident and open to whatever the job throws at you.

Thank you for reminding me why I wanted to act in the first place!”


Mido Hamada – Actor (24, Homeland)


"We've learnt over the years to stifle our instincts, our gut reactions, our truths. In Sebastien's Meisner class he allows you to explore your natural impulses, use how you feel in that moment to create a living breathing performance. Seb's passionate generosity as a teacher is infectious. This class has given me the freedom to explore what really makes us tick sometimes with hilarious results and othertimes very intimate moments. You cannot hide in this class and as with any form of study, you get out what you put in. This takes hard work and dedication but the outcome is thrilling and will leave you wanting more." 


Anna Brooks Beckman – Actor

"I wanted to explore a technique that would get me out of my head, and into the moment, and so I turned to Meisner. No matter what stage of your Meisner journey, Sebastien has a great way of making you feel at ease, whilst at the same time equipping you with the tools to realise the truth of the moment in the moment. As a result, I found myself letting go more, trusting my impulses. I'm still enjoying my journey and would highly recommend Sebastien’s drop in workshops to anyone interested in working towards becoming a more truthful actor." 


Elroy Anthony - Actor

For Further Details


If you have any questions regarding the courses or would like to book a place, click the link below.


John Strickland – Director


Line of Duty, Bodyguard, Troy, Three Musketeers, Mr Selfridge, Bodies.

“I believe Meisner is an essential tool to help create truthful and nuanced performances. Seb Blanc is an inspirational teacher - his extensive experience and knowledge of the Meisner technique will really help any actor who wants to develop and enhance their craft. Watching him work with actors is a joy.” 

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