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The Glass House

by Max Singer Saunders

The Tristan Batres

November 2014




Confined in a cramped, makeshift prison on the back line of the Somme, two men stand charged with cowardice and desertion. Trapped inside the damp, cold and oppressive walls of this ‘Glasshouse’, a beautiful friendship crystallizes between them.  But how long can friendship last? And how much can a man withstand before he breaks?


In the 100th anniversary year of the outbreak of World War I, acclaimed emerging company Grindstone presents the world premiere of Max Saunders-Singer’s emotional new drama THE GLASSHOUSE. Based on extensive research into true stories of soldiers on the front lines, this powerful new work explores a rarely seen side of trench warfare.


Following the intertwined stories of the misfits, idealists and tragic victims who pass through this hastily constructed trench prison cell, THE GLASSHOUSE is a moving, blood-pumping and powerfully original new play. Through these stories, it also shines a stark new light on the effects of 'Shell Shock' and failures in the treatment of so-called 'Cowards' and 'Conchies' who were unable or refused to fight.

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Winner Of Best Supporting Actor Award

OffWestEnd Awards

Sam Adamson - Moon

The New Current - ★★★★★

'A remarkable achievement'

Views from the Gods - ★★★★★

'A play which exists lest we forget'


WhatsOnStage - ★★★★

'Visceral and eye-wateringly honest'


Plays To See - ★★★★'

A triumph'


Entertainment Focus - ★★★★

 'Don't miss'

Nominated for 3 OffWestEnd Award


        Best Lead Actor - Simon Naylor (Harper)


Best Supporting Actor:

Sam Adamson (Potts)


Best Set (Dobo Designs)

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