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Proof by David Auburn

Tabard Theatre

29 Sept - 24 October 2015

Catherine - Julia Papp                                 


Clare - Anne Marie Cafferkey (Nominated for OffWestEnd Award)


Robert - Tim Hardy


Hal - Kim Hardy


Set Design - Michael Leopold ((Nominated for OffWestEnd Award)


Carn's Theatre Passion

"The cast is led by Julia Papp, who gives a powerfully emotional performance, capturing Catherine’s extreme fragility and carrying the audience with her as her mood veers between infectious joy and utter despair.


London Pub Theatre

Subtle and memorable performances...The Meisner acting technique used by Blanc could also be observed in the nuances shown by the actors... We are reminded of Glenda Jackson’s quote “Acting is not about dressing up. Acting is about stripping bare




Female Arts

Proof delivers strong performances across the board and is a labour of love for all concerned



London Theatre 1 

Sebastien Blanc’s production takes us gently in its grip and catches fire in the second half...A brilliantly structured play. The conviction put into Proof by all four of its talented cast, with the hauntingly lovely background melodies of composer Chris Roe, make this definitely worth the journey out to south-west London to see. It is thought-provoking, reassuring and honest.

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