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Boys Life


by Howard Korder

Cast and Crew


Matt Crowley, Luke Trebilcock, Anna Becks Brookman, Max Warrick,

Kellie Walters, Greg Blackman, Abi Unwin Smith,

Charlotte Gascoyne and Amanda Cooper. And me for one night.


Set Design: Kellie Walters

Operator: Phil Hunter

Director's Note


This was…such fun working alongside so many friends. It had a wonderful family feeling. On the other side of the coin, it’s always painfully poignant holding the mirror to one’s own sex but if ever we need to do it – it’s now. Most consider the miasma of misogyny behind us…feminism is triumphant …apparently. I take massive issue with this sentiment as it is readily apparent (if one takes a step back and really looks) that the spectre of sexism is far more than just a shadow. We are wreathed in it still.

Comedy can be a wonderful tool for truth… and I knew this production was a success when the line “I slept with a girl while she was unconscious” got one of the biggest laughs. I just hope the audience all questioned why they felt so uncomfortable afterwards.

Boys Life Play.png

Ecetera Theatre and Kings Head Theatre

April and June 2013

11:11 Productions and One Fell Swoop Productions



 Korder was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize when he penned Boys' Life - his play about the battle of the sexes. Transporting us back to the sexy, 'in vogue' days of 1988 in New York, when the western economy and capitalism were riding high. Poignant, honest and acerbically funny, it tells the story of three former college pals, struggling to deal with the disillusionment and emptiness of modern life. It highlights how, in a fast changing world of sexual politics, a group of twenty-something American lads get caught in a state of arrested development and struggle with the concept of the ‘new man’.

Daily Mail

"The raw power and truth of Korder's work is captured superbly in this new production" The Public Review"superbly conceived and delivered, plenty of laughter" 


Westend Broadway 

"The cast are universally enigmatic...strongly acted and directed." 


Entertainment Focus

"There were some rip-roaringly outstanding moments, coupled with harsh doses of reality. Fun, real, utterly convincing, very cool, authentic and indie vibe" 


"Matthew Crowley is incredibly endearing...Luke Trebilcock wonderfully desperate and morose... and Max Warrick is brilliantly distasteful, crass, and juvenile as the show's antagonist/anti-hero... a talented cast and slick production" 


WOW 24/7 

"Boys' Life offers some fine performances from all three leading men...their reprobate lifestyle is deftly directed by Sebastien Blanc" 

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